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Counseling Services

Virtual Counseling for North and South Carolina Residents (18+)

I provide individual counseling to adult women ages 18 years and older. Some of the areas I specialize in include trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, spiritual or church hurt, work/life balance and stresses coming from transitions. I especially have a heart for helping young adult women transition into adulthood, especially those who are high performing or feel their life is put together on the outside, but they are crumbling on the inside. I provide a safe place where you are free to struggle and show authenticity and honesty. I am licensed in North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC) and provide virtual counseling to people located in either state at the time of the session. Virtual counseling allows for flexibility, convenience and comfort.

Christian Counseling (Available Upon Request)

I believe one of the main implications of Christian faith is that God meets us where we are in the midst of our pain, shortcomings and suffering. He cares so much that He sent Jesus to live a life without sin, die a death he did not deserve and rise again from the dead. This story is often referred to as “The Gospel” (a term derived from a Greek word meaning “good news”). It is a love story of Jesus entering into our mess and loving us unconditionally. When engaging in Christian counseling, sessions include discussions about how God’s story of good news impacts your situation.

Additionally, as someone who is a Christian myself, I understand the messages and experiences, both helpful and difficult, that can exist in the local church or Christian culture. I will often ask how these messages impacted you for better and for worse. I will ask how your circumstances, experiences and present difficulties impact your perception of how God views you. When appropriate, we will explore how the church can be a support for you in your times of difficulty. In cases of spiritual abuse or church hurt (times when spirituality was used to wound), I make sure to provide trauma-informed care, meaning we talk about what you need to feel safe when discussing your problems, and I am extra careful to try to not re-injure your hurt

As a Wheaton graduate, I received a counseling education that prepared me to provide Christian counseling or what would be considered secular counseling, depending on the needs of the client. It is not uncommon at all for people from a non-Christian background to say something along the lines of, “I think we could be a good fit, but Christianity is not my thing; and I do not want to discuss it at all in therapy.” In these cases, I assure people that I always follow a client’s lead in terms of how much they want spirituality to be a part of the session. I have worked with a lot of people who specifically asked to not incorporate any sort of faith into counseling or who come from a different religious background, and they often report not feeling judged and being satisfied with the way I handle spiritual matters in session.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy

EMDR is an evidence and research based trauma therapy. Whenever a difficult event or long term mistreatment and abuse happens, your brain has natural mechanisms to process this event so you can recover. PTSD, anxiety and phobias occur when this processing mechanism breaks down, forcing the thoughts and memories around the difficult event to continue replaying in your head. EMDR facilitates communication between the different parts of the brain in a way that allows the brain to activate the natural healing mechanisms.

French Counseling

I am fluent in French and briefly lived in Montpellier, France (on the Mediterranean coast). Some of my most rewarding work has included supporting French-speaking refugees or expats by providing counseling in French